Special Dreamstyler Bundle

Special Dreamstyler Bundle

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Dreamstyler in - Frosted Platinum £34

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Meet the Dreamwave ® featuring multiple heat settings for any hair type, directional buttons and a professional-grade ceramic barrel to give your hair the high-end look you are looking for!

The Dreamwave® has been designed with ease of use & safety in mind. Thanks to the tangle-free technology and temperature adjustment settings you are sure to achieve professional curls without heat damage or burns.

Our ceramic barrel allows you to create frizz-free and silky-smooth waves and curls that last!

Lock curls in place all day long and shape your face with your new timeless waves with the Original hair curler by Wylera Hair!

Dreamstyler (Bundle)

Dreamstyler - Frosted Platinum

Dreamstyler - Gatsby Rose

Dreamwave 2.0 Compact Sunkissed Ebony

Dreamwave - 2.0 Compact White Gold

Dreamwave and Dreamstyler (Bundle & Save)

Dreamwave - Black Onyx

Dreamwave (Bundle & Save)

Dreamwave - Gatsby Rose

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