How to Get Thicker Hair. Expert Advice You Need to Know

How to Get Thicker Hair. Expert Advice You Need to Know

Some people are under the misconception that hair loss is really only an issue for men. But this is not true. In fact, more than 50% of women will experience hair loss at some point in their life. 

When you think about that, it is amazing that people don't realize that this is an issue that affects women. More than half of all women have this problem, so only a minority will avoid it!

As a result, women and men both wonder about how to get thicker hair. Some people wait until their hair health is deteriorating before trying to improve it. But the earlier you start, the better you can keep your hair.

There are many things you can do, no matter what your age, to help manage your hair health. Read on to learn all about how to keep your hair as thick as possible!

Be Gentle While Washing Your Hair 

If you are thinking about how to add volume to hair, there is going to be a common theme in many of these tips. When it comes to hair volume products or treatment regimens, the key is to be gentle with your hair. Many hair problems are caused by people being too rough with their hair.

The first thing to know is that you don't need to wash your hair every time you wash your body. The environment of your hair and the environment of the rest of your body are very different. Therefore, it makes sense to wash them differently and with different frequencies.

Of course, it is important to keep your hair and scalp clean. You don't want your hair follicles to be clogged with old skin or chemicals. On the other hand, you don't want to wash your hair every day. This is too rough on it.

Instead, to encourage hair volume, wash your hair just two or three times per week. A lot more or a lot less can both be bad for your hair.

When you do wash your hair, treat it gently. Don't pull too hard on it, and take your time while watching.

Avoid Excessively Hot Showers 

Something else to keep in mind while showering is not to use water that is too hot. Your hair is not designed for hot water. When you think about it, almost none of our ancestors ever had hot water, so we are really not used to it.

Excessively hot water will dry out and make your hair brittle. To help make hair thicker, you should instead use lukewarm or even cold water.

Be Careful With Hair Dryers and Curlers 

People use hair dryers and other tools to increase hair volume in the short term. But if you are not careful, you can actually decrease hair volume in the long term.

Just as hot water can damage hair, so can hot air. In general, the less heat you can use, the better. If you insist on using a hairdryer, then use the lowest temperature you can.

Additionally, you should try to use your hairdryer for as little time as possible. Try to get your hair as dry as possible before using the hairdryer.

It's better to avoid curlers if you can. But if you do use them, then try to use them as infrequently as possible. You can also use curlers that don't apply heat to the hair.

Be Gentle With Combing 

Your hair follicles are most susceptible to breaking after they get wet in the shower.  Especially right after showering, avoid pulling too hard on your hair with a comb.

Even when your hair is not wet, you don't want to pull on it too hard with a comb. Use gentle pressure, and don't yank against snags in your hair. On top of that, you can use a wide-tooth or detangling comb to avoid putting too much force on your hair follicles. 

Use a Brush 

While a fine-tooth comb can yank hard on your hair, the right kind of brush can actually help your scalp and hair stay healthy. You still want to avoid pulling too hard on your hair, but this is a great way to stimulate your scalp.

On top of that, the right brush can spread the natural oils from your scalp out through your hair, keeping it moisturized and healthy.

Try Out Scalp Health Products 

There are all kinds of products out there to help keep your scalp healthy. If your scalp is dry, try something that will moisturize it. 

Even if you don't see any noticeable problems with your scalp, it can help to use nutrient applications. These can include things like mint oil.

Watch Your Nutrition

On the other hand, you can also pay close attention to your nutrition. Many people suffer from health problems because they are not getting the nutrients they need. This applies to hair health problems as well.

To help encourage thick hair, you can try taking some of these vitamins and minerals. Iron, zinc, magnesium, and biotin can help promote hair health.

On top of that, you can make sure you were getting the right nutrients in your diet. It is important that you get enough protein so that your hair and fingernails have the resources they need to grow strong. 

Learn All About How to Get Thicker Hair

We hope that you were able to learn something helpful about how to get thicker hair from this brief article. In general, almost anything that will improve your overall health can also help your hair health. But it still helps to know all the particular things you can do to focus just on the thickness and volume of your hair.

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