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The Wylera Hair Dreamwave curler is super easy to use! Follow these 3 simple steps to get started.

step1 wylera

1. Hold down the on/off button (lower right). Wait until ‘Dreamwave’ heats (flashing indicator will stabilize). Adjust settings by pressing the power button with a quick click until the symbol you wish to adjust, flashes. Adjust using arrow button (lower left).

step2 wylera

2. Place segment of hair (up to 2cm) into the barrel, press and hold ‘Start’. Button (middle oval). Keep button Depressed until you hear 1 beep. Release button. Hair will now be in barrel and you will hear individual beeps for the number seconds you set timer adjustment to show.

step3 wylera

3. Hair is finished once you hear 2 beeps in quick succession. Move ‘Dreamwave’ straight down away from the hair. Your curl is now done; wait to cool before brushing.

Wylera Hair Dreamwave Settings Instructions!